Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Highly Efficient Solar Lantern by Texas Instruments

A Street Light Solution - System Block Diagram

TI had designed solar lantern solution specifically for Indian rural market with circuit protections, more shelf life, user control interface with dimming feature and the most important thing, very high power efficiency providing great backup time.

Key Solution Features : 

  • Boost Drive Stage for 3W (3 LEDs in Series)
  • Stand-by current < 500uAReverse
  • Polarity protection for Battery and Panel
  • 4 Stage Charging profile for Battery
  • User interface in form of Keys and Indication LEDs
  • Under-voltage Cutoff

TI Hero Products in this Solution

  • MSP430G2231
  • TLV70433
  • TPS61165

Article by
Department of ECE
Tadipatri Engineering College (TECH) , Anantapur

Tadipatri Engineering College

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